Truly great copy!  Hand it off to Shawn, and get the finished product back on time & perfect!  Who could ask for more? Best of all, our clients love his work! CRN International, Hamden, CT



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Copywriting w/Passion!

Client wanted to stay on same track (humorous vignette style)... but more clever.  So, guess who came to mind immediately... Shawn Kohn!  You nailed it bud!  As far as I'm concerned, no changes necessary!

Matt Warnick

Impact Media Group  


Shawn, you are a hero. They liked it the first time out without any revisions!  You're hired!  I am so excited... I have been looking for someone they would like for so long!  We usually produce one TV or radio each month, so you will hear from me soon!
P.S .They love your pricing and so do I!
The Five Star Group
Las Vegas, NV